EBA Armenia attended the regular session of the Revenue Administration Reforms Council on 16 June 2017

Yerevan, 16 June 2017 – The European Business Association in Armenia attended the regular meeting of the Revenue Administration Reforms Council at the State Revenue Committee of the Republic of Armenia, during which action plan for the second stage of tax and customs reforms was presented.

The participants discussed matters on expanding economic incentives for compliant taxpayers, implementing automated system for calculation of SME’s turnover tax and reviewing the institute of administrative responsibility. There were also active discussions regarding raising responsibility for cash register operation rules. Particularly, it was offered to implement a video surveillance over the process of controlled purchases to avoid arbitrary phenomena.

During the regular meeting of the Tax Administration Reforms Council the chairman of the Committee stressed the importance of the council’s active participation in the reforms and highlighted that there is a need to achieve tangible result with joint efforts in this stage, too. In their turn, positively evaluating the outcomes of the first stage, the representatives of non-governmental institutions expressed their conviction that they have substantial expectations also from the second stage of reforms.