European PE & IT companies participated in the #DigiTec2017EXPO in Yerevan on 28-30 September

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Yerevan, 30 September 2017 – On 28th of September, the delegation of companies from Greece, Germany, Lithuania, Austria, UK and the Netherlands have attended #DigiTecExpo2017 in Yerevan, Armenia with the support of SMEDA project.

Local companies visits have been organized for them, B2B meetings where both sides could present their products and services and discuss potential cooperation. For some companies meetings with the RA Ministry of transportation, Ministry of health and the Central bank have been conducted.

Further, on 29th of September “Precision Engineering and IT, EU-Armenia potential opportunities” workshop was conducted on the 1st floor of DigiTec Expo 2017.

On September 29-30, Workshop “Precision Engineering and IT, EU-Armenia potential opportunities” was organized in the framework of #DigitecEXPO2017 in Yerevan. Representatives of the Delegation of European companies invited to participate in DigiTec Expo 2017 made presentations regarding the corresponding topics and and shared the experience of their companies. “Precision Engineering and IT, EU-Armenia potential opportunities” workshop provided attendees with opportunities in B2B with each other and with local colleagues. During the Workshop, RA Minister of Emergency Situations Mr. Davit Tonoyan visited the presentations’ session and the welcomed the delegates. Team Leader of the #EU #SMEDA-Project, Ms. Eva Maria Näher made a presentation about a new website launched to help through the Precision Engineering sector of Armenia supported by #EU4Business #SMEDA.

In the scope of the #DigiTecExpo, on 29th of September, networking/matchmaking event has been organized for the Delegation of 9 European companies in Precision Engineering sector and European Business Association Armenia members. Ambassadors and Economic counselors of those countries whose representatives of the Precision Engineering & IT companies participated in DigiTec Expo 2017 (Lithuania, Greece, Germany, Austria, UK) have also attended the networking/matchmaking event.