The European Business Association and Armenian Lawyers Association signed the Memorandum of Understanding

Yerevan, 28 April 2017 The Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the European Business Association in Armenia (EBA Armenia) and the Armenian Lawyers’ Association (ALA) to protect the rights of businesses operating in Armenia.

“We have active cooperation with the Armenian Lawyers’ Association, and today signing this Memorandum we hope that in the future the business environment will improve and together we can improve the legal framework, which is very important for our organizations,” Ms Diana Sarumova, Executive Director of the European Business Association stressed.

“Our most important task is to consistently protect the rights of business, including the rights, and interests of small and medium enterprises, as well as to establish effective mechanisms using the modern information technologies to more effectively protect the violated rights of business,” Mr. Karen Zadoyan, the President of the Armenian Lawyers’ Association said before signing the Memorandum, and added that by this Memorandum the two organizations aim to raise the anti-corruption awareness and perception among the businessmen.